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Technical Support

Technical Support
技术支持 支持 智能客服 服务

Design Service

Our professional design team can provide you with LOGO design, customized logo display, display logo effects, and 3D product modeling effects.At the same time, we can also customize your brand packaging and customize your company brand marketing card.


Production Visualization Service

During the production process of your order, our after-sales service department will maintain full communication with you at any time, including the production progress of the order and the production node of the order. The visual service can transparently cooperate with your marketing actions.

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Transportation Insurance Service

We are a contracted member unit of many international express companies such as FedEx, DHL, UPS and so on. We are also the VIP unit of many shipping companies. When in bulk orders, we will provide you with additional insurance protection for transportation.


Field Verification & Product Sampling

We support you to send a third-party agency to our factory for on-site verification. Including factory production environment verification and quality inspection of batch orders. When the quality of the products in the order meets your standards, we will deliver the order.