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Thermal imaging applications

Since World War II, thermal imaging technology has been used in the military. Because this instrument works by thermal radiation, it can clearly see the enemy’s whereabouts through the dark battlefield. And because it is a passive receiving system, it is safer and more concealed than visible light devices such as radio radar.

Now, thermal imaging technology has been widely used in daily life. An important application is diagnosing diseases. We all know that when there is inflammation in a certain part, the body temperature will rise. Measuring body temperature can determine whether there is inflammation, but it cannot determine the specific location of inflammation. Thermal imaging cameras can intuitively give the temperature of the human body. Field distribution map, by comparing the heat map of the lesion with the normal heat map, the location of the disease can be diagnosed from the abnormal changes. Thermal imaging technology can also play a role in the operating room. When blood flows through the arterial vessels that have just been placed, the color of the arterial vessels on the thermal imager changes from gray to white, and under normal circumstances, it is difficult to observe whether the blood vessels are unobstructed with the naked eye.

Similar to diagnosing diseases, the electrical components, train axle boxes, circuit boards, etc. of high-voltage power transmission and transformation can also be directly observed and inspected with a thermal imager to avoid losses caused by failures. Thermal imagers can also be used for geological surveys, geothermal exploration, forest vegetation distribution, atmospheric and ocean monitoring, fire detection and rescue. Thermal imaging cameras can help rescuers find victims who are secluded by thick smoke and darkness, so they can be rescued. Thermal imaging technology can also help scientists to further explore the mysteries of the universe. It can be expected that the application field of thermal imaging technology will be more fully developed, promoted and popularized in the future.


Post time: Jun-06-2022