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Technology about thermal imaging

IIT-B gives a leg-up to

thermal imaging tech.

-Night-vision devices like goggles or telescopes are a

key part of modern military and security operations.Whether you’ve seen them in movies or television shows or read about them in novels, the concept has been around for a number of years.What is less known, perhaps, is that while the Indian Army relies heavily on these devices for a range of operations, they have never been produced indigenously. A team of scientists from IIT-Bombay has now made a key breakthrough in developing India’s first infrared sensors for thermal imaging. The research started in 2010, with funding from the

Defence Research and Development Organisation.

The details of the work have been published in the prominent journal Current Science in April 2017.

Multiple applications :-

The technology, the scientists say, can be used for a range of applications such as night vision, surveillance and — going beyond military and security operations — even in the detection of cancers.

Post time: May-18-2022